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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The basics, vol. 2

See here for last year's results.

Search completions suggested by Google, June 19, 2010.


do you think you are
wants to be a millionaire (two variants)
is Clark Rockefeller
is the richest person in the world
vs. whom
what wear
went home on American Idol
invented the internet


does my name mean
is my IP address (two variants)
celebrity do I look like
to do when you're bored
not to wear
to do in San Francisco
is love
time is it
to expect when you're expecting


I look at you lyrics
is Easter (two variants)
is Mother's Day (two variants)
is Daylight Savings 2010
is Father's Day 2010
in Rome
is Passover 2010
are taxes due


the wild things are
is my refund
is Chuck Norris
does Justin Bieber live
is the love lyrics
the wild things are soundtrack
the sidewalk ends
are they now
the red fern grows


did I get married too
can't I own a Canadian
is a raven like a writing desk
is my poop green
is the sky blue
do dogs eat poop
did the chicken cross the road
did I get married
do cats purr
does Google say Topeka


to train your dragon
I met your mother
to tie a tie
to kiss
to lose weight fast
to get a girl to like you
many calories to lose weight
to make it in America
to get pregnant
to download Youtube videos


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