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Friday, June 19, 2009

The basics

Search completions suggested by Google, June 19, 2009.


Wants to be a millionaire (3 variants)
Is Mysterion
Moved my cheese
Is my congressman
Killed the electric car
Invented the Internet
Got voted off American Idol


Is Twitter
Is my IP (two variants)
Not to wear
Does my name mean
Time is it
Time is the inauguration
I like about you
Is love
Is a good credit score


Is Easter 2009 (two variants)
I grow up lyrics (two variants)
Does Twilight come out on DVD
Is the Superbowl (two variants)
Will I die
Is St. Patrick's Day 2009
Will the world end


The wild things are (3 variants)
Is my refund
I stood lyrics
Does the vice president live
Is the love lyrics
The hell is Matt
The red fern grows


Is the sky blue
Do men have nipples
Did the chicken cross the road
Do cats purr
Men cheat
Did Chris Brown beat Rihanna (3 variants)
Do dogs eat poop
Did I get married


To tie a tie
I met your mother
To kiss
To get pregnant
Stuff works
To lose weight
To make a website
To write a resume
Do you sleep lyrics


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