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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great moments in NPR interviews

From the November 13th episode of Fresh Air:

Terry Gross: There was a period, and maybe you still feel like you're in this period, when you were struggling to figure out what kind of songs you wanted to write and what your best song-writing process was to come up with a decent song, so you started keeping a journal, and experimenting with different approaches to writing songs. It sounds like a very analytical approach to something that for some songwriters is really very intuitive. Can you describe a little bit a couple of the different processes that you tried in songwriting?

Rivers Cuomo: Yeah, for a couple of years there...Well, I've always been an analytical person, but for a couple of years I just got really analytical and...keeping track of every detail of the process of writing a song and intentionally varying individual elements to see what the result would be. But sometimes...sometimes these experiments were indistinguishable from how any other rock person would write a song. For example, in mid-2000 somehow my experiments evolved to the point where step one was, take a pill of Ritalin; step two was take three shots of tequila; step three was go out in the backyard, sit down in a chair; step four was close your eyes and imagine, imagine the song. And that's how I wrote "Hash Pipe."


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